About Us

Hope Community Foundation is the result of over 20 years of social change initiatives being developed and delivered through the work of the Hope Centre in Sheffield.  The Hope Centre, an enterprise and community hub founded in 1998. It has been the birthplace and home of a wide array of enterprises designed to support society’s most disadvantaged and improve aspiration and life opportunities for people across Sheffield and further afield. 

Over the last two decades The Hope Centre has developed a track record in turning enterprising ideas into social impact.  These have included:

– Support for Asylum Seekers and Refugees
– Adult Education Programmes
– Youth and Schools work
– Support for the Elderly
– Emergency Food Relief
– Children’s Play, Childcare and Early Years Education
– Practical community makeover projects
– Training and mentorship for small and start-up businesses
– Citywide Events to Celebrate our City’s unsung heroes.
– Supporting career and business development 

The Hope Centre’s connection with C3 Hope Christian Church has continued to release the potential of hundreds of volunteers over the years, intent on serving their community. We are driven by a heart which embodies our Christian faith and values whilst ensuring that in every way we are open, inclusive and welcoming in our outreach to the community.

Hope Community Foundation is the Charity throughout which these social programmes are now delivered. Hope Community Foundation is a registered charity number 1102542 and a company limited by guarantee 4489582.

The Charity’s trading activity is delivered through its subsidiary Hope Centre Ltd, a company limited by shares number 04659526 (formerly known as Megacentre Ltd).

Hope Community Foundation is funded through the generous donations of individuals, grant making trusts and foundations and by generating its own income through trading activities. If you would like to support our work please contact us via email to info@hcfoundation.org.uk

Our Vision

We serve the people of Sheffield and share our Hope. To create a thriving Community Hub in the heart of the Sheffield for different walks of life, generations and geography. 

Hope Community Foundation has a mission to transform the local community, giving people hope, purpose and meaning by empowering and releasing each person to live their best life. 

We do this through: Supporting those who suffer financially or through food poverty, Supporting the lonely and isolated, creating strong families and relationships, engaging, and partnering with organisations who offer specific services. 

Our Values

Every Person Matters – we want help create communities where every person has value and knows the value, they bring to those around them. 

Human Potential – we believe in communities where people can rise to become the best version of themselves and live life on purpose and for a purpose. 

Motivated by Generosity – we believe in the principle of generosity. As we extend ourselves to lift others, our lives will be enriched as a result. 

Spirit of Excellence – we don’t believe in ‘good enough’. We believe everyone deserves our best effort. 

People Powered – we are driven by people for people. We never want to get caught up in projects and enterprises to the extent where the main thing ceases to be the main thing. People first. 

Creatively Inspired – we are driven by a desire to not only do things well, but ton be innovative and creative. 

Our Future

Hope Community Foundation is committed to developing sustainable community development initiative which bring value to the people of Sheffield.  We are continually and proactively developing new projects around our vision centres. 

Community Development Initiatives 

At the end of March 2021, we embarked with some new community development initiatives. Now, within Hope Community Foundation, we are partnering with The Message Trust in our Foundation Community Grocery, to combat the huge issues of food and financial poverty across the city. 

Planned Capital Development

Our 2024 vision is to repurpose the Hope Centre to scale up our community work and increase our impact. 

Plans are moving ahead to undertake essential work on the Hope Centre which has faithfully served the Sheffield community since 1998. The Hope Centre will be revitalised to achieve our vision of maximising the benefit it will bring as a community asset. 

We are committed, working alongside our key partners, to create a future where the benefit we offer to people across our communities is seen, felt and recognised. 

Good Governance

Through the work of our Trustees, Hope Community Foundation is committed to upholding the principles of good charity governance* ensuring that:  

  1. We regularly review and clarify our purpose and progress 
  2. We provide good strategic leadership for the charity as a board 
  3. We ensure we operate with the utmost integrity in all our work 
  4. We ensure effective decision-making and risk management takes place 
  5. We work well together as a board to agree the best direction for the charity 
  6. We ensure that our beneficiaries reflect the diversity of the communities we serve 
  7. We create a culture of openness and accountability to our stakeholders and partners 

 *Taken from the principles laid down by the Chartered Governance Institute 

Social Impact and Value

The primary purpose of ensuring good governance is to enable us to maximise the social value we deliver for our funders and to our beneficiaries.  We are committed to reviewing and evaluating the social value, outcomes and impact of our work as a charity to ensure value for money and effective delivery of our objectives.

Governance and Finance

Charity Commission Records for Hope Community Foundation: Read More Here 

Companies House Record for Hope Community Foundation:Read More Here 

Meganursery Ofsted Record for Hope Community Foundation: Read More Here 

Organisation Key Policies

  1. Equality & Diversity Policy 
  2. Health and Safety Policy 
  3. Ethical Fundraising Policy 
  4. Data Protection Policy 
  5. Safeguarding Policy