Our Team

Colin Davies

Foundation Director

Colin Davies is the Director of the Foundation as well as the CEO of Hope City, he keeps himself a very busy man. He has years of experience working in the business and charity sector and loves being a part of building people through everything he does. Colin is often found, when he’s not working, exploring the outdoors and spending time with his wife Dawn who he’s been married to for 28 years.

Rosey Andrassy

Operations Manager

Rosey, our Operations Manager, loves spending time outdoors, in particular camping and hill-walking.  Her favourite hobbies include photography, gardening and flying kites! She is passionate about helping and supporting those in need, building strong, resilient communities and having a positive impact in the local and wider area.

Stuart & Gemma Otten

Community Pastors

Stuart and Gemma are our incredible Community Pastors, overseeing all the Foundation team and the numerous outreach projects, they are passionate about reaching the lost and helping those in need. They have been married 11 years and have 2 little boys, as a family of four they love exploring the outdoors and spending time together as a family! 

Sarah Dunys

Nursery General Manager

Sarah started managing the nursery from February 2020 – meaning that the majority of her time here has been during “unprecedented circumstances”! She is a problem solver at heart and has brought all her skills in that area, plus her knowledge and experience in design, sociology and media from her university degree to get the nursery through the pandemic and looks forward to a bright future! She is married to Joe – the most creative person on the planet – and they have three boys aged 10, 9 and 4-going-on-14. When they aren’t spending time at their caravan in Filey, you’ll find them exploring castles or cooking delicious food that usually involves a lot of cheese! 

Sheba Kaiser

Conferencing Manager 

Sheba has been our Conferencing Manager since 2018 and has loved every minute of it, she love’s seeing people faces as they enjoy the success of their event! She is meticulous and takes great pride in what she does but also loves to have a lot of fun, she enjoys a good practical joke! Her motto is – if you can’t have fun at your workplace then where can you have fun?

Sabina France

Volunteer Coordinator

Sabina started her role as the Volunteer Coordinator in December 2020 with Hope City Foundation. She is also a mum of three, wife of one and she has her own little online home-made goods gift shop on the side too! She has a huge passion for meeting people where they are and by doing her role, she doesn’t only get to know amazing people, but she also gets to see how others can help meet the needs within the community. She is a firm believer that kindness paid forward will carry on being paid forward and she is so excited to be a part of all that’s happening at Hope Community Foundation. 

Rebecca Deo

Community Grocery Manager 

Rebecca, alongside Sorcha, manages our Community Grocery. For her, the best part of the job is being able to so tangibly help our community – they offer such practical solutions for the challenges people face, in partnership with other brilliant services across the city. Best of all, they provide a welcoming place for people to really feel valued. Aside from work, you’ll probably find her entertaining a feisty toddler, drinking tea, or feeding people!

Sorcha Rooney

Community Grocery Manager

Sorcha is one of our amazing Community Grocery Managers, she is originally from Ireland but moved to Sheffield for university in 2012 and fell in love with the city of Sheffield and its wonderful people! Through her job she loves getting the opportunity to help meet the needs of our local community and put a smile on other people’s faces!  In the rest of her time Sorcha is the Youth Pastor at C3 Hope, you can also find her hanging out with friends and spending time at the cinema!

Maria Boston

Community Grocery Assistant Manager 

Apart from university life and a short stint working in Peterborough Maria has lived the rest of her life in Chesterfield. She has had various careers over her lifetime, her most recent in food retail before she joined the Community Grocery. It is wonderful to be working with other Christians and serving those in need. She has been married to Jon for over 30 years and they have two grown up sons. She is a massive pet lover although at the moment she doesn’t have any. A few years ago, they had 4 guinea pigs, a garden rabbit, and two hamsters, cleaning out was a full-time occupation!

Alison Widdowson

Hope Hampers Foodbank Manager

Alison joined our Hope Hampers team last year during the pandemic and loved packing the hampers and delivering them to local families. She now managers our new Foodbank partnered with S6 Foodbank and has loved being able to help local families not just with food but with our CAP centre which helps people get out of debt. She is also involved in setting up Jigsaw Café with her husband Paul, a place where people can join in with lots of fun activities. In her spare time, she love’s going out with her 4 gorgeous grandchildren, she enjoys walking especially when there’s a café at the end and loves having people round for meals.

Paul Widdowson

Befriending Team Co-Ordinator

Paul Widdowson oversees our Befriending projects with his wife Alison and has recently been preparing for the return of our Jigsaw Café, he is passionate about seeing people connect and build friendships. When he’s not at the foundation, Paul works as part of the Maintenance team at C3 Hope and in his spare time he loves to go for a good walk and spend time with his family and grandchildren.

Maria Smyth

Polka Dot Project Leader

Maria is a stay-at-home mum of four who lovewalking, the outdoors, friends and chocolate. She is the Project Leader for our Polka Dots playgroup, which offers a great environment for children to play, learn and develop and their carers to meet and get to know each other. She is passionate about families and seeing them thrive.

Our Trustees

Louise Davies (Chair), Colin Davies, Liz Mutiah, Lois Willis, Anna Ibbotson and Sarah Dunys (Company Secretary)