Explore life, faith & meaning.

Alpha is an opportunity to discuss the big questions of life and explore the Christian faith in a friendly, open and informal environment.

Since the beginning of lockdown in 2020 we have committed to running Alpha courses throughout the year and it has been a huge joy to see so many people attend and find out more about what it means to have a faith in Jesus.  The majority of these courses have been held remotely via Zoom because of the COVID restrictions and it has been wonderful to see people attend online who otherwise would not have been able to come.  The success of Zoom Alpha means that we will continue to hold at least one course a year remotely, so that people who are not able to come to the building will not have to miss out on doing the course.

In October 2021 we held our first face-to-face course back in the Hope Centre on Thursday evenings.  We had up to 20 guests come each week to have a delicious hot meal followed by watching the Alpha films together and then plenty of time for group discussion.  We absolutely loved doing this course and it was such a privilege to see friendships form. A particular highlight was the Holy Spirit Day where we gathered for a really special day of more discussion, plenty of pastries, worship and, for those who wanted it, time spent in prayer.   Since that course, we held another Zoom course in January and we’re currently at the start of our very first Alpha café!  Every Wednesday at 12 noon we are hosting a course at the Hope Centre for anyone who would like to do the course during the day, with cake and coffee.

Alpha is a fantastic course for anyone who is interested in meeting new people and finding out more about the Christian faith. If you or anyone you know might be interested in joining a course either face-to-face or online, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch.  Our hope is that there will be a course to suit everyone!

You can join by heading here or emailing lizzie.bell@c3hope.church 


Alpha Coordinator