This summer we have been working on a few different projects with The Message Trust, Sheffield Wednesday FC, Manor and Castle Development Trust and HAF program to provide lunches for children who would usually receive free school dinners.

To date we have made a whopping 2381 sandwiches and packed lunches and are on target to raise £7,000 towards the refurbishment of the Community Café. 

Our team are working Monday-Thursday to make lunches for children who would usually be receiving free schools’ meals, by making up a lunch pack that includes all the essentials. This past academic year 28% of children who attend Nursery and Primary school education received free school meals, although it seemingly drops down to 21% in secondary schools across Yorkshire, that is still roughly 200 pupils in every secondary school that benefit each week from a free school meal.  

After a tough year with COVID we can only imagine this number has and will increase therefore being able to partner with local charities and companies to provide lunches has been life changing.  Being able to directly impact the local community has been such an amazing opportunity, for some of the children this has been their only nutritional meal in a day, so to be able to love on them and provide for the families has been incredible!! 

It’s been amazing to see individuals from all walks of life, all ages, come together every day, week in and week out to volunteer their time and skills. It’s taken an army to make it possible and we couldn’t be more thankful for every single person who has given their time to butter bread, pick up crates of water and so much more. 

The money raised will be put towards the refurbishment of our Community Café, with hopes to re-open the Café in the Autumn of 2021, we’re working hard to make it the cosiest most-welcoming place for people to come and spend time together over a great cup of coffee.